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What is a Religious Science Practitioner (R.Sc.P)?
Practitioners are part of the “healing arm” of this church – our Ministry of Prayer. Along with our minister, they are committed to practicing spiritual and mental healing. Practitioners are licensed by the United Church of Religious Science after a minimum of four years of study followed by stringent written and oral testing. Their licenses are renewed every two years pending verification that they have completed required Continuing Licensing Units and service hours.

A Practitioner is not a psychological counselor nor a giver of advice. Professional Practitioners employ Affirmative Prayer or Spiritual Mind Treatment to assist you in working through the issues of your life. They lovingly guide you to understand and apply these Universal Principles for yourself.

Practitioners also serve as teachers and assistants in Science of Mind classes, workshops, and seminars and conduct the Sunday Meditation Service at 10:00 a.m. in our Chapel.

Working with a Practitioner
Our Practitioner staff is available in the Sanctuary after the Sunday church service to sit and pray with you. You may also write your prayer request on a Ministry of Prayer envelope and place it in the Prayer Box at church. If you wish, you may submit your prayer request via phone on the church Practitioners’ Prayer Line at 909.624.3549. Requests are kept in strict confidence and distributed only to the Practitioners who pray over them for one full week. These services are provided at no charge.

Licensed Professional Practitioners are available to work with you in private sessions. Private appointments may be made by contacting any of the Licensed Professional Practitioners listed below. Private sessions are conducted on a fee basis arranged prior to the session with fees set individually by each Practitioner. Fees typically range from $20 to $85 per session. Some Practitioners are willing to work on a sliding-scale basis.

available 24 hours a day

Neysa Burrous

Diane Clements

Ima Lee Moore

Patty Powers

Sarah Redmond

Brad Wethern

Practitioner's Covenant of Healing
We, the Practitioners of the Ministry of Prayer, hereby pledge our time, energy, and prayer through Spiritual Mind Treatment to the healing of every person who calls on us for assistance.

We commit ourselves to daily meditation and treatment in order that we remain conscious of the presence of God in all we think, say, and do.

We maintain an awareness of the spiritual identity of every person and know that the truth of us all is: perfect God, perfect man, perfect being.

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